Stepbrother Says, My penis has a mind of its own!

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This reminds me of being at my stepsister Trisha’s mom’s house.  Her mom had to go to work, as soon as her mom left, Goddess Trisha quickly changed into lingerie, and proceeded to tie me down to a chair, turned the radio way up, and performed a strip dance for me. Once she decided that she had teased and denied me long enough, she called a friend of hers and invited him over. Instead of giving me any kind of relief, Goddess Trisha and her friend immediately started kissing right in front of me, and quickly got naked. Both making sure that I could clearly see everything they did. All I could do was watch him fuck Goddess Trisha, until he shot his cum deep inside of her pussy. Once she relaxed a little bit, she promptly threw her leg over my head and COMMANDED me to clean her pussy with my tongue.
8 jam lalu
That's what we sisters are for :D
5 hari lalu
My penis has one thing on its mind...
6 hari lalu
Wao i love it i want suck cock ❤️
9 hari lalu
Fajna siostra
10 hari lalu
What I can see you are as beautiful as she is.
12 hari lalu
Omg, give me such a stepsister like her. I’ll never quit to please her.
12 hari lalu
Super! I want the same!😍😍😍
13 hari lalu
Well done ! ;) 
16 hari lalu